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lunedì, maggio 16, 2005 

Legend about the Colosseum

The wonderful monument of the glory of Rome, built by Vespasiano in the 72, it’s been choosen from sorcerers for their sorcery and considered from them as a greenhouse of a rare plants. The naturalist Deakin found 420 differents plant not to be found in Rome and in Italy: this greenhouse was called Flora Colisea (today it's disappeared because of the works at the end of the XIX century). Gladiator, slaves, beastes and christians wet of blood the stadium of Rome. I was talking about sorcerers and one of them was Benvenuto Cellini. He was completely crazy of a rich girl of Rome. So one day he went with a priest into the Colosseum (in a secret place) and here he demanded to demons what he could do to marry the girl. But demons were terribles and so he was forced to escape.
Another legend tells that here you can find (especially during the night) the melancholy ghost of Cesar (Caius Iulius) who walks through the Colosseum breatheing. But those are just some of the legends of this monument. For example in Rome there is this proverb:
Fino ch'er Culiseo durerà
Puro Roma su starà ; Quanno er Culiseo cascherà
Puro Roma ha da cascà, Quanno Roma finirà
Tutt'er monno s'ha dda scapicollà (Untill the Colosseum keeps itself, Rome will keep itself too; When the Colosseum will fall down, Rome will fall down too; when Rome will fall down, the whole will fall down).
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Is their a legend where you can here Chirstians screaming because they were getting ate by lions?

ps i think that the man that fed Chirstians to lions was a flat out jerk! and he must have been a VERY VERY loonie!

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